About Me


My name is Lauren Michelle Trezza-Alvarado. I am a wife and a mother (to a 5 year old Golden Retriever;). I am currently enrolled in the University of LaVerne’s multiple subject educational credential program. As well, as the Masters of Education Special Emphasis program. My educational goals are to teach elementary school students. If I could choose a grade level I would prefer first, second, or third grade. The two school districts I would like to teach in are, Etiwanda or Corona school district. After graduating from Cal State Fullerton with my bachelors in Liberal Studies, I wanted to further my education and continue to get my Masters. I originally planned to continue my graduate school at CSUF but got persuaded by a few close friends of mine, who also graduated from ULV, to enroll. Choosing ULV was the best decision I could have done. University of LaVerne has taught me so much in the field of education and is a place I call home. In the spring of 2012 and while attending ULV I got married to the man of my dreams who is such a supporter of my educational goals. The people who are important in my life besides my husband are my mother, who has a Master’s degree in business and father, who has a Doctorate degree in medical science. They both inspire me in every way. As a future educator I plan to take the knowledge I have from my credential program and apply it to my own classroom. I feel extremely passionate about my career choice. I hope to inspire my students just as my professors at ULV have inspired me.


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