Edmodo Review

Edmodo is a safe, private social networking site for teachers and students. It is similar to the popular social networking site Facebook and is very easy to use. It has a safe platform and lets teachers and students post, collaborate on, and annotate assignments, quizzes, projects, and other classwork. The pitfalls of this website is that the parent view is not as full featured as the student view and teachers must monitor often. Teachers will have to enforce proper communication and rules.

I definitely think that Edmodo will be around in the next 10 years. It is similar to a Facebook setting so I think any social media forum will continue to grow. I think this website will continue to flourish and improve its features. Demote is the new Facebook for the classroom!

On an educational level I think this not only benefits the students but as well as the teacher. This website is very kid-friendly and is has the look of Facebook so it grabs the students interest. Edmodo is perfect for a paperless classroom. Teachers can post assessments and grade them with ease. They can also post polls, assignment guidelines, and collaborate with other students on group projects. Students can submit Google docs on this web-tool and teacher can instantly give feedback. I truly enjoyed learning about this web-tool. It is fun and easy to use. It is a great tool to converse with students and parents as an educator. I will defiantly be using this in my classroom!

Edmodo Basics for Teachers

Edmodo Basics for Students


One thought on “Edmodo

  1. I have always been curious to see how this functions as it appears on a lot of people’s radars, including my own. Since it is a platform with which many students may already be familiar, we teachers are going to have to constantly keep ourselves updated. This prevents that awkward moment when they know how to reach steps on a tool more easily simply because they’ve got more time on their hands than we do!


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