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My previous knowledge of copyright has been limited and now I come to realize that copyright has a lot of ramifications. The only experience I had with copyright was when I was choosing songs for our wedding video. My videographer told me some of the songs I picked are in violation with copyright because he didn’t have the rights to them. So, he let me choose from a “royalty free” website, which in a nutshell refers to a type of music licensing that allows you to purchase the music license only once and you can then use the music for as long as you want.

Some copy right laws I was familiar with and others not so much. One that I was familiar with was public domain. Which contains all works published in the United States before 1923 are considered to be free for public use and does not infringe on copyright laws. When learning about copyright it surprised me when I was told that a teacher couldn’t show an entire movie for class reward or good behavior. I see this being done a lot in classrooms and it violates copyright law. You can only show movies for educational purposes only.

Due to the increasing use of technology especially in classrooms copyright is a very important subject to be well informed on. Teachers, faculty, and students should be informed and educated on all types of copyright laws. Students need to obey copyright laws when using the Internet for blogs and projects. Teachers need to be familiar with copyright laws when pulling photos from the Internet or when movies are shown in class. Understanding copyright laws is a little confusing especially because of the Fair Use Doctrine that allows teachers and educators to use the work of others without their permission only if it is for educational purposes only. There are different rules under the Fair Use Doctrine so it is crucial in the education field to understand all of the guidelines for Copyright law.

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3 thoughts on “Copyright Law

  1. That is really interesting that you came into contact with copyright while just simply making a wedding video. That must have been a huge bummer. DId it prevent you from getting exactly what you want? How did you adjust to that? I have to say I was relieved to hear that it was not illegal to show movies for educational purposes, but I have also seen a lot of teachers throughout the years show movies for a fun friday or holiday party in the classroom.


  2. That is very interesting in regards to your wedding video – I had never thought about that being an issue. But now that you mention it after the lecture we had had, it makes perfect sense. It was nice, though, that your videographer had sent you to that royalty free website. I agree with you 100% on what you said in regards to how it will affect how various things are presented within the classroom.


  3. Wow that your for your post. Your post is very educational because I now know that their is also an music license laws. I also was not aware that we could not use music in our videos that are violations of copyright laws.


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