The Benefits of an ePortfolio


Eportfolios are an online tool that you can put all your collections of work together on one website. I am brand new to the eportfolio experience, and while creating one I found it to be tedious and rewarding at the same time. I am used to the “old school” resume where you type it out, print it and hand it directly to whoever is interviewing you. I was excited to learn of a new way to share your professional information with people around the world. It is remarkable service and I would recommend to anyone. You can reflect o you past present and future and compile it on your own personal portfolio. When I say personal I mean it! You can put pictures, documents, and even embed media on it. It is such an amazing tool that shows your personal and profession development. By creating my eportfolio my self-esteem and confidence have improved. Even though it is not complete, it is a tool I will continue to update. I have reflected on my past experiences I have discovered a new sense of self-assessment. I enjoyed the process and will continue to use this valuable tool to help me grow personally and professionally.


 As a future educator I will use eportfolio in my classroom as a way to connect with students and parents. I will make it similar to black board in a way. I will put lessons on there that students can review and also for the students that were absent can see what was taught in class. It will be up to date with information about my teaching style and my class rules. My class eportfolio will also have flipped content so the students will know what the content for the next day will be so they can tap into their prior knowledge and come prepared with questions. I will also have contact info for students and parents if they have any questions.

Here are a couple great websites that explains the benefits to eportfolios.


5 thoughts on “The Benefits of an ePortfolio

  1. I definitely agree, after creating my portfolio, you can not help but have a sense of accomplishment. After seeing all my hard work in one portfolio and everything I have done this year, I can not help but be proud of myself and the direction I am moving in. An e-portfolio is like a resume on steriods without the negative connotation of steroids of course. Great post! Like always they are super informative and can teach people a lot.

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  2. I absolutely agree in that I felt like I reached a new goal in completing this ePortfolio. Also, you point out that it is not completed, but you will continue to update it I think shows that you are already looking to the future for different ideas for you and your students which is great mindset to have!

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  3. I am also new to eportfolio’s and agree with you when you said it was “tedious and rewarding at the same time.” I think it is a great tool to be able to share ones information with out having to print anything out. You have a lot of great ideas on how to incorporate this tool into you future classroom.

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  4. Hi Lauren, I enjoyed reading your experience in creating your e-Portfolio. It’s definitely an excellent and exciting way to exhibit your best work and who you are. Incidentally, I too, felt proud of my e-portfolio; it helped me reflect on my values and accomplishments, while reaffirming my teaching skills. In addition, since it is a fairly new to many potential employers, it can be an impressive presentation. Viewers can conveniently learn more about you through images, artifacts, and the written information you are able to provide in an organized e-Portfolio.

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