Social Media… The New Normal


Social media is the new communication of world today. Instead of writing notes, sending cards, or talking on the phone, people today are tweeting, blogging, posting, and pinning. There are many reasons that support my decision to jump on board with the social media trend. I wanted to fit in with everyone and stay up to date with the new trends of technology. I also wanted to stay connected with friends and family members. The first social media site that caught my eye was MySpace, a site where you can connect with others and create your own webpage. Then when the MySpace trend was on a decline I went over to Facebook, which I currently use. I use Facebook as a way to connect with my family and friends. I also use Instagram to upload pictures and video. When I think back at how far social media has come I feel like social media is here to stay and the media sites are just going to keep growing.

I believe that social media sites have a huge impact on education. Back when Facebook just started you can only open an account if you were a college student or alumni. It was a networking site where students can collaborate and share thoughts about school projects and what classes to take. Now it doesn’t just limit users to only school students but to everyone. There are also career-driven sites like LinkedIn, which launched in 2003 and since then has 300 million members and growing. You can manage your profession identity and share your resume to businesses across the world. Then there are blogging sites like this one where people can collaborate and give their own feedback on certain topics. I find social media to be impactful in the classroom because it brings the real world to the classroom. Students can interact with not just people in the class but students around the world. Teachers will benefit from sites like Pinterest or other blogging sites because they can share ideas and collaborate with other teachers from other schools in their district to get ideas. Social media is changing our culture. Some say it’s a good thing and some disagree but either way you look at it social media is not going to change. In fact I think it is just going to keep growing. We learn from each other and creativity and inspiration is unleashed when one blogs about a certain topic. Social media is the new normal!


5 thoughts on “Social Media… The New Normal

  1. Loved the video that you posted, it has so many valuable statistics that one would have never known about. I liked how it showed all of the different ways social media is used for education. It’s not only used in the classroom; social media is used for networking, admissions decisions, and even for research. Social media today has immense power that has and will continue to influence our culture, and education will be a part of it. As social media continues to grow in the future, so will the use of it in our classrooms.

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  2. I really like how you incorporated your own social media experience. This is really helpful because you can speak from first hand the pros and cons of having social media accounts. You are very right with social media continuing to grow and it is definitely the new norm!

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  3. Great video with some very startling statistics. I never realized just how many people have instant access to the internet and how many hours they spend surfing the web. I really like how the video transitioned into how colleges are using social media to attract students and how if the students are not getting what they are looking for, they will unfollow theses schools. The quote “If you aren’t offering them a mobile-optimized experience…you’re losing them” says it all. Colleges have one chance to catch the attention of future students and if they are behind they curve on innovation, they will lose the interest of prospective students. Great post.


  4. That is interesting about facebook, I remeber hearing about that a while ago. I believe it was started at Harvard. I do think it is unreal how fast the internet has grown since the 90’s. From fearing the internet to overcoming that; social media is something we need to embrace with caution.

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  5. That video was great and went so well with this blog. It really opened my eyes on how much of an impact social media has on our world. It was incredible to see those numbers on the video and jaw dropping statistics. I completely agree with you that social media is the new normal. It is used everywhere and in many different ways like you said to blog, to stay connected, pin, etc.


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