Cloud-based tools in the classroom


Technology is getting more and more advanced in the classrooms. It is so easy and convenient and store and share data. With Google cloud students can collaborate with one another to create group projects and edit each other’s work. These cloud tools such as Google docs and Google slides are so important to introduce to students at an early age so they can use this in their future.

There are so many benefits to using cloud-based tools in the classroom. Two words that come to mind when I think of the benefits from using cloud-based programs are accessibility and collaboration. Google docs are a wonderful tool when students have to do a group project or brainstorming ideas as a whole class. It also is beneficial to the teacher because he/she can see what each student has collaborate to the document. Also the usability is convenient for all grade levels. Students can set up a Google email and access Google document or Google slides. Having cloud-based tools in your classroom is crucial to the advancement of technology. Students can collaborate with other students in different classrooms around the world as well by using cloud-based materials. Knowledge is at their fingertips and the answers to their questions are a click away!

The benefits by using cloud-based tools in classroom settings far out weigh the potential drawbacks in my opinion. I don’t really see this as a negative experience but the only slight concern I might have is privacy standards and having secure networks were information about students is not leaked. Although these are some concerns I feel as a teacher you need to educate your students about being a good “digital citizen” before using any type of technology!



5 thoughts on “Cloud-based tools in the classroom

  1. Great perspective on this topic. The absence of a costly infrastructure should make any administrator happy. The security concerns you highlight will always be present so it’s up to teachers to remind students that there should never be any material at risk for loss that they couldn’t replace without detriment to their success. I believe that hours and hours on the cloud will reap many benefits over the long term and that utilizing the tools as you have suggested will enable a new generation of networking students to do well in education.

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  2. You listed some really good examples of how cloud-based tools can be used in the classroom. Having students do group projects on them by collaborating and brainstorming their ideas on Google Docs or Google Slides is a good example of cloud-based tools being used in the classroom. I also liked how mentioned privacy being an issue with with using Google Drive, it is important to teach students how to protect their work online and how to properly manage their online cloud tools.

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  3. Hi Lauren – I always enjoy reading your posts. I appreciate the links you included, especially to Google’s Classroom in the Clouds. Looking at the sample assignments gave me some great ideas for transforming them from ‘trees to clouds’. I knew Google was a rich resource, but not to this extent. Contegix pointed out, too, that although schools may have limited resources, setting up a cloud-based system is relatively inexpensive when compared to the options. This should offer hope to both educators and students.


  4. Secure networks can be challenging for students, teachers, and parents. I agree that we need to educate our students about, ” good digital citizen.” because information could leak out and we could prevent it by educate our students. I remember one students asking me if he could go back to the computer lab because he did not remember to log off his email. The students was very worry and was tell me that hackers could come in a get his information. I agree to go to the computer lab for his security.


  5. You always write great posts and give great examples. I also agree with you about how cloud-based tools can help with collaboration amongst students. The main example that I think most of us put is working on group projects with these tools. These tools are great for group projects because like you said they are accessible. I also didn’t see many negative experience from using these tools. I think they would be great to use in classrooms.


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