So let me recap my first screencasting experience. A few words come to mind such as: frustration, anger, relief, and success. Even though I love learning about new technology I found this screencasting to be frustrating. It took me about 15+ takes to get the right one and I’m still not stratified. I guess you are your worst critic or so they say. After the screencast was done I felt a sense of accomplishment since it was my first time using SnagIt software. I also had trouble signing into my YouTube account from SnagIt, so I had to save my video on my computer then open up YouTube and upload it that way. One thing that I wish SnagIt would have is the option to edit your video while recording, instead of deleting the entire video if you made a mistake. I am glad that now I know how to make a screencast with SnagIt Software. “Practice makes perfect!”


Screencasting can be extremely beneficial when it is used in an educational setting. This first and most important benefit is that it provides a student-centered and engaging learning experience. Screencasts enable teachers to create a video recording of instruction for any type of activity being performed on a computer screen. Students can also create their own screencast video and present it to the class as an educational activity. This promotes and engaging learning experience for both teachers and students.

The second benefit is that screencasting appeals to many learning modalities. It includes many multimedia elements, such as: sound, music, graphics, and visual effects. Students who are visual and/or auditory learners can greatly benefit from screen casting. It provides a visual step-by-step instruction of a particular concept or lesson being taught. Students can watch the video at anytime or multiple times if they need to repeat the lesson. It also has a pause feature so students can learn at their own pace.

The third benefit that it creates for a hybrid learning experience. This is particularly beneficial for students who are absent from school. They can review via screencast video what was taught. Instead of getting a packet of papers not knowing what the teacher wants, the student will have a clear understanding of the lessons being taught and how to do classwork and/or homework from the days missed.

The fourth benefit of screencasting is that this educational tool can be used as an introduction, overview of a lesson, or at the end for comprehension. Students can use any screencast as “Flipped Content”. Flipped content is when the classwork/homework is viewed outside the class and not during class time. Students can watch a intro lecture at home before they come to class via screencast video and will already have an idea of what the next days lecture is going to be about. This will make the class time more productive for teachers and students.

The fifth benefit is that it provides an interactive grading experience. The teacher can give verbal feedback on any work such as a student’s paper or test. The teacher can narrate through the document and make visual corrections and elaborate verbal what the student should do to enhance their test or paper.

This link is on an article that shows how beneficial it is to use screencasting to enhance the learning process.



3 thoughts on “Screencasting

  1. Great job Lauren! Your screencast is really good and I felt like I really learned on how to purchase something from Nordstrom. I also felt frustration and stress just like you. I thought i would never be able to finish a good enough video. I also took about 20 takes and after that many takes quitting isn’t an option. You said you also felt anger and I thought I was the only one that was getting angry. After 15 takes frustration was an understatement. I really like all your ideas on how screen casting is beneficial for a classroom. I also thought of using screencasting for a hybrid class. Giving the students the materials before class can help with lecture and can give students knowledge on the material before hand. Great Post!

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  2. I enjoy your tutorial because you started from the beginning of search. You made it the video very easy to understand, like myself I have never gone online to buy clothing but your made it very simple. I really did not have to see you video twice because I understood the first time. You also gave me very deep detail on how to maneuver the website.

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  3. Lauren: Your response struck a chord with me that I hadn’t really considered until now. With all of the different learning styles that exist within any one classroom, it makes logical sense that these screen casts serve the needs of all students. And what makes this method best is that a student can learn at his or her own pace. Less confusion and less complicated instruction gets an idea or a lesson across to the audience with minimal opportunities for lost productivity. Any teacher that harnesses this level of proficiency earns a high mark in my book.

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